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Press Release 18MAR15

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Press Release

For Immediate Release:

ExacteK / אקזקטק – Marketing & Design Launches Website Mobile Optimization Service

Tel Aviv, Israel – March 18, 2015 – ExacteK / אקזקטק – Marketing & Design, with over 30 years of combined design and coding experience, is coming up on their one-year anniversary and is hoping to help even more small businesses in the coming year reach more of their target audience.

“I am very excited to announce that we now are offering a low-cost option for small and medium sized business owners with existing out-of-date websites to take advantage of our design services to completely revamp their current content in order to be more visible to the 25% of Americans that only ever access the internet via their hand-held devices.” said Larry Scott, ExacteK’s Sales Manager, in response to the growing trend of 81% of  25-34 year old Americans who currently own a smartphone.  “With the roll-out of our mobile optimization service we expect to benefit even the smallest of companies by drastically increasing their online visibility.”

In addition to the new service, ExacteK / אקזקטק continues to offer Full-Service Web Design and Pay-Per-Click Advertising Management services targeting the US market.

For more information, contact Larry Scott of ExacteK / אקזקטק – Marketing & Design at 727-466-4288 or email Mr. Scott at , for logo and brand information.  For information on how ExacteK can help your company contact our sales team at or visit

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The Holidays And You.

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With the Holidays right around the corner, as a retail business owner, you might be asking yourself – ‘How can I generate more customers this holiday season?’

The answer is ‘Google AdWords’.

With Google AdWords you can increase the number of people, not only visiting your website this winter, but if done correctly, actually purchasing your products and increasing your bottom line just in time for when you need it most.

How AdWords works is it uses fancy Google algorithms to place your company’s products directly in front of consumers that are looking for your products at that very moment.  This is done through the use of a ‘campaign’ which is a set of text or even video ads, that are shown to consumers based upon what types of search they are doing on the internet.  It can be a complicated thing to choose the correct key terms for what you are offering to maximize your chances of the person finding you actually needing what you are selling.  This is done usually by an in-house pay-per-click manager, or if you are a small company, through either doing it yourself or outsourcing it to a third party.  If you are a large multi-national company it can be a full-time job for an entire team of experts.  For smaller companies, it can be a subset of your IT department or Web Design department and only require several hours per week to monitor and tweak the data to keep it producing productively.

The latter is where ExacteK – Marketing & Design can help you.  We take all the fear, headaches, and overhead out of running a successful AdWords campaign.  We have flexible packages available for any budget, whether you want to only spend a hundred dollars per month or several thousand, simply discuss with us what you want to accomplish and we can develop a campaign custom designed to fit your unique needs.  You won’t have to worry about forgetting to monitor your campaign.  We will do everything for you, from creating the campaign to researching and choosing the best key terms to represent your product or service and then closely monitor it to ensure it keeps producing the results you are expecting.

Contact ExacteK Today For A Free Consultation To See How We Can Help Your Company This Holiday Season.


Does the internet know you?

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Have you ever wondered what kind of results someone will get if they do a search for your name on Google?  If you use the web everyday then you probably have, at least once.  Now, if you are a business owner, have you ever wondered that about your business?  Sure you have.   I bet when someone searches for your business by name, they can find you, your reviews, your products, even more personal data then you would like.

This article, however, isn’t about searches by people that already know you.  I want to talk briefly about the people who have no idea your company exists, but they want to buy what you sell and they need it now.  How do these people find you?  If you have a full-time Search Engine Optimization (seo) team working for you then you are probably all set.  The prospective client types their ambiguous search term into Google and there you are, boom, on the first page.  That is the perfect scenario.  If you have been doing this for a while though, you know as well as I do that in the real world, even with a full-time team, the odds on staying on that precious first page of Google is no easy task.  Enter AdWords.  Google AdWords are a tool used by SEO experts to get companies on that first page of Google, without needing that full-time team updating your website every 12 hours.  Google AdWords enable you to reach all the people searching for your product within the area you choose.  There is one caveat though, and that is called Ad Rank.  If you are using Google AdWords to advertise your company and get people to your website, then Ad Rank is the most important thing you need to worry about, because even if you are using Google AdWords, if your Ad Rank is too low, your ads will never show and no one will ever see them.  I am sure you agree that this can be a problem, and this is where Exactek comes in.  Exactek can help you by managing your  company’s Google AdWords advertising; ensuring that your ads maintain a high Ad Rank and continue to work for you.

To find out more about how Exactek and Google AdWords can help your company, contact us today for a free one-on-one consultation – 727.466.4288.

Why AdWords?

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Why would a company use Google AdWords? You might say ‘I am already on the web. I can go right now and find my site.’ But, How are you getting there? If you are like most people and you are searching by using your company’s name or direct URL, then of course you can find it. You probably got there pretty quick too. But let me ask you, if you were looking to find a company just like yours that does exactly what you do, but you are looking to find one in, say, London. Obviously searching for a company in London using your companies name would not produce many, if any, results. That is what it is like for everyone else that lives within driving distance of your business that doesn’t personally know you or your company. They can not just go ‘I remember that place I once heard of from my sisters best friends cousins son. Let me just type their name in the address bar here so I can order their widget.’

On the internet, it is very difficult to find something if you do not know what you are looking for. This means trial and error. Now, suppose there is someone out there, maybe 5 miles away from you, that has never even heard of you or your company. This person desperately needs or wants exactly what you offer. The problem is, how can he contact you? Sure, he can ‘maybe’ pick up the phone book, and if you are in there, maybe he will find you and give you a call. I don’t know about you, but I have not even seen a phone book in several years, and I have not used the yellow pages to find something I was looking for in many more years then that. So, what this person might do, like the majority of consumers these days, and almost 100% of consumers under 25 years old, is either sit down at their computer or take out their phone and go straight to Google. Once there they will do a search for what they are looking for, usually using a search term like ‘Mufflers in New York City’ or ‘Pizza San Diego’ or something similar. Once they push the ‘Search’ button, a couple of things will happen. If the person is ready to buy what they are looking for right now, they will look at maybe 2 or 3 of the results from the first page and choose the one that they like the best. Maybe, they don’t see a company they like and go to page 2 or possibly even do a new search using words that they found while doing their first search that might give them better results.

Which ever way they go, they will usually find what they are looking for in under 5 minutes. If they are looking for what you sell, will they find your company in the top 2 pages of Google? If the answer is ‘No’, then the odds of you getting any business from the more than 2 million searches being done every single minute of every day through Google will not be helping you at all.

It is our mission at Exactek, to help you tap into this revenue. Contact us today at 727.466.4288.

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